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Let me tell you the truth…

I went from a “Situationship” to a healthy & fulfilling relationship. Now I’m happily married to a quality guy who is perfect for me.

How did that happen?

It happens when you show up in the world with a strong sense of self-worth and awareness. With the right kind of energy that attracts not repels.

With extreme clarity around what you want & deserve, without all the emotional clutter that clouds your relationship decision making.

And with the confidence of knowing you don’t have to settle for less!

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I am an ambitious high-achieving woman just like YOU.

But I wasted a lot of time (and emotions) trying to play the dating game.

After a very painful betrayal and heartbreak, I had to get real with myself. I couldn’t continue to ignore my role in my relationship disasters.

Then once I decided to get intentional about working on myself EVERYTHING changed for the better! I went on a casual date and ONE YEAR later, I was married to the most amazing, supportive man who is absolutely perfect for me.

How did that happen?!?!

That’s the sheer beauty of showing up as the best version of your authentic self with clarity around what you want and deserve, without all the emotional clutter that clouds your decision-making.

And having the confidence to know that you don’t have to settle for less!

xo Stacey

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